Saturday, February 23, 2008

March 2008 Topic - IT'S ELECTION TIME

Salams & Hello to all Ayamers,

It has been a while huh?

We received shots related to the election season, many shots are not as good as we expected but keep it coming....we are still in the learning process and nothing is wrong as long as we try our best...

As stated in the title above: "March 2008 Topic - IT'S ELECTION TIME"
Therefore submissions related to the topic will be given more attention.

Starting March 2008, the selection of images to be posted up & accepted as Chap Ayam grade will be scrutinized even more than it was done other words, you may not find it easy to get your best shot published here starting March 2008.

Let us just put it like this....
Sometimes it is obvious that we just shoot for the sake of getting a good image and we neglect the important part of understanding the subject. Perhaps that is why most of the submissions came with very poorly structured captions..some don't even have captions...and this will not be accepted starting march 2008. We need to understand our subjects....we need to knonw why we composed that shot. What is the story that we are trying to tell the world in thst particular shot. Why? Simply because we are not just anouther bunch of people with DSLRs around our necks...right?

So, keep it coming Ayamers! You have the talent, you know it, so SHOW IT!!

~ The Royal Roosterness

p/s: We'll have our first Ayamer's activity by the end of the election month, insyaAllahg...keep on visiting this blog for updates!

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