Monday, December 31, 2007

The Wedding Potraiture by Ian Ahmad

A Malay couple been potrait in their wedding day at Banchang, Melaka. This shots was taken using only my kit lens and a cap ayam flash trigger. Chap Ayam pun boleh maaa buat ini macam punya effect, the most important thing is we have to get more creative and use what ever you have to develop our own skills and technique.

Conflictingly Harmonious

Although well-known as a model for a developing Muslim Country, Malaysia allows the followers of other religious beliefs to freely practice their religion. Even though there may be conflicts to the teachings of Islam, the "conflicts" are widely accepted as the way of life in Malaysia.

Harmoniously in conflict...or conflictingly harmonious.

Photobucket This photo is a sample of the title, a Muslim lady in the middle of the crowd waiting patiently for the official launch of the Anya Hindmarch Boutique in 2007. She is the only one clad in jilbab (proper head gear covering the "aurah" of a Muslim woman).....

.....another scene, two Muslims having a chat while a few feet away beers are being consumed openly in public.

Alcoholic drinks are not allowed to be consumed by Muslims but may not be the case for other religions in Malaysia.

The sense of tolerance and great desire to live in harmony may the the underlying factor that makes this scene a norm in this country.....we have made through 2007, since 1957......and we sure hope 2008 will be better than, as Muslims, we'll say - insyaAllah!

Landscape by Poji

Pokok pukul lima in the middle of paddy field in Kampung Jawa Kedah 450km to the north of Kuala Lumpur .

Friday, December 28, 2007

Puteri UMNO

Malaysia's United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) female members line up during the opening of the party's annual assembly in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 07 November 2007. EPA/Shamshahrin Shamsudin

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Let's discuss on Jidin's pix

Jidin's Original Post

Cropped by Jidin - 2nd attempt

Imagemaker's crop

This photo was sent by Jidin and we have 3 different style of cropping. Tell us WHICH ONE you like and WHY.... 

An apostle

An apostle, originally uploaded by nadi0.

in conjunction with the theme, "CHAP AYAM PUN BOLEH MAAAAA!!!", here's a picture i took about 2 years back on a trip to australia.

this was taken using my good ol' Olympus u-miniD,Stylus V that i could easily slip into my pockets. sometimes i do miss the days when everything was much simpler, e.g. no heavy equipment to lug around "just in case" something interesting needs to be photographed.

gone are the good ol' days. hah!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Klang, The other side by Ian Ahmad

The Welder

The Seller

Que up bike

Door Girl

Baby eating at the door

Folks, here's some of Ian Ahmad's work for you viewing pleasure. I find them superbly captured and I have to share them with you guys!..  Thanks for sharing Ian.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Eidul Adha....spurting blood


A goat being sacrificed for the qurban ibadah by Muslims during the Eidul Adha celebration.
This particular scene was shot at the Saujana Impian Mosque, Kajang.


Raya Korban di Kampung Paya, Spg. Renggam. Any more Eid Adha pix ayamers??

Monday, December 17, 2007



Untuk mengingati & menghormati pemergian bayi sahabat kita - Rizwal Zakaria (Grom),
ChAPs akan remain unposted untuk 3 hari....sama-sama kita doakan Baby Yusuf Airiss...yg bakal menanti ayah & ibunya di akhirat kelak....

Friday, December 14, 2007

in response to 9's posting

Impossible is Nothing, originally uploaded by nadi0.

i love the pic 9 posted! so sharp and the colors in the background made it look like the monkeys were in a middle of a party. haha..

and i love them silverleaf monkeys. they're so tame and polite! very hard to photograph due to their dark faces, so in this one, i fired my flash a teeny bit to render the sky blue with its face adequately exposed.

this was a shot i took way back in May, when the weather was mostly beautiful. recent visit a week ago didn't result in very interesting shots. boohoo..

ok la..orang letak gambar monyet..aku nak letak gambar monyet gak. sebok tak. hahaha

have a great weekend!
-over and out-


Hello Ayamers..this is my firts post in here. Thanks to Mr. The Torque for inviting me join this community. And to the other Ayamers, salam perkenalan.

Surrounding by the Japanese environment, everyday write, read, communicates, hear bla bla with Kanji's, Hiragana's, Katakana's and all the 'belit-belit'Japanese characters..make my English getting worst and worst day by day. Living in the Japanese Kampung, there is no chances for me practising my English with kampung people. Please forgive me for my poor English, and hoping you guys would help me improving my English by using this platform.

Above picture was taken on last spring season at Yunotsu Fishery Port. Nothing much special in here..but, in Jun 2007, they became to be a special place when their name was listed in the Unesco World Herritage Centre.
About Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine and its Cultural Landscape-->

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mess in searching...

& Assalamualaikum every one, Ayamers should i call? any declare ration? =P

Thousand of thanks to people who do give me support in joining this team.
yeah chap ayam. play slr only in my photography club during skool. i've started my interest photgraphy just using a Ben-Q. the "kamera kotak" where i still kids (no money maa) and after years dreaming to own slr, i manage to have one. so far, i shoot with any type of toys as long i can operate it manually and out of rules in auto mode.

still moving forward to improve more skills and educate my self through this field. hope i can know others ayamers also. Posting and comment are welcomed from other senior and seniorita for my captured.

Thanks guys.


Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera & hello

its my first posting here .. well with this opportunity I am hoping that all the chap ayam photogs will be prepared to have tonnes of comments , critics on their works .. and the most important thing, take it as feedback ..improve again..take the critics and comments as feedback..make improvement again . post again .and again and again towards producing the best of your work...

Please set your target ..even it is a hobby ...make yourself believe that you can achieve your target ..even if others think it is impossible ... remember can make the impossible possible !!


EPA/Shamshahrin Shamsudin
Hello... My name is Spiderman.. and I'm your friendly neighbourhood friend. I'm a photojournalist too. I work at the Daily Boogle. Unfortunately I don't have a wife name Mary Jane. Ok, enough of me.! This is a place for photogs to show their photos. Maybe from next week onwards, we will try to come up with a weekly TOPIC for photographers to `fight' for the `PHOTO of THE WEEK'. So, guys and gals, ChAPs... get ready to `fight'!!!...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

These baby turtles are adorable

and so is Torque. (puas hati torque?)

these are 2-day old baby turtles that i went to visit at Perhentian a couple of months ago.

aren't they lovely? the experience was priceless.

then somebody suggested that i send this shot to, it got selected as a daily dozen, and now it's up somewhere in the massive website, waiting to be downloaded as a wallpaper.

The Penambang

The Penambang boat
"Penambang" - small boat used by the Kuching locals to commute from the riverbanks of their village to the city centre's Waterfront.

This shot was done on my D70s on cloudy WB, ISO400 @ 1/320 f/5.6. Taking into account some details - the direction of the wind, waves and reflection on the water, the ripples and position of the main subject in the frame.

Probably one of my best shot ever done so far...more to come insyaAllah...

Go ahead...kasi "panggang"!

Panning Gig Portrait Aiiyaaa Karambaa!!!


This is one of my best gig picture. Shoot this during the Straight Answer Live In KL at Annaxe Central Market. I dont know why, but this is one hell of a shot! ahahah!! puji diri sendri!

So, ape tunggu lagi, kasi hantam laa!! asked for it!!!! Here it is!

Dengan lafaz
...kita buka la CHAP AYAM PHOTOGRAPHERS punyer blog.... pada 12 Dec 2007, 12:58am....werghhh...chun nombor tu 12:58am@12-12-07!!

So sama2 la kita ucapkan - ALHAMDULILLAH!

Walaupun tak secanggih mana & tak sehebat mana-mana forum...dan dianggotai oleh ahli-ahli yg sempoi & tarak sombong punyer, kami berharap blog ini akan mampu melahirkan lebih ramai lagi photographers yg "berfikir"...dan bukan "wannabe" yg sibuk bab nak mengupgrade equipment sahaja!

Membership by invitation, only for those with passion & determination to improve in photography! (....and with good attitude lah!) keep on shooting & improving, cuz we are watching!

....and if you are invited, you are one of the AYAMERS! Buahahaha!
BUT...that does not mean you are really GOOD nor you can BRAG about being an AYAMER, you have to perform lahh wokeh? Sebab apa?? Sebab dia senang jer....


Jadinya.....apa pandang-pandang jer? Kasi taruh your best shots here wahai Ayamers sekelian...dan bersiap sedialah untuk dikoyak, sepak, terajang, semelih, panggang oleh geng2 Ayamers juga...sendiri mau ingat laaa okay??