Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chinese New Year & General Election 2008

Salams & hello to all Ayamers!

It has been a while, everybody seems busy!
Now that the General Election has ended and March to mid April seems to be a quiet month, the ChAPs committee are going to select & announce the best shots for Chinese New Year & General Election.

At the same time, we are in the midst of launching our first ChAPs activity - the committee responsible has been working hard to make it happen as promised although they are professionals in their own field and have to sacrifice extra hours for ChAPs.

It has also been informed by some members that there are questions on how to become a member of ChAPs. The only answer to that would be - start sending your best shots as per the given guidelines on this page and we'll take it from there! And for those who wants to have a piece of that ChAPs t-shirt, the time will come, we'll try to make it available for sale but only for those who have contributed / submitted their best to ChAPs....fair enough?

We'll take it one thing at a time, although some may say it has been a bit slow, something is cooking and ChAPS is still here to stay, always baybeh!

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RahmanRoslan said...

cant wait too see the winning shots!