Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pulau Ketam - by The Torque

Located near to the offshore of Selangor, Pulau Ketam is one of the easily accessible fishing haven for weekend anglers. Thus, the main source of income for the villagers would relates to fishing.

Chinese are the main ethnic on this island - since the founders of this island according to history were three Chinese fishermen way back in 1870's.

~The infamous Fire Brigade Building, coupling as an "arch" welcoming visitors on the main street

There are two residential areas on this island - Pulau Ketam village & Sungai Lima village - build above the swamp land and interconnected with a maze of wooden & concrete platforms.

Bicycles would be the main transportation mean on the dry area, otherwise, boats are used to travel around the island and commuting between the villages.

Though famous for its Chinese cultural celebrations, there are Chinese Muslims (converts) on this island, a unique minority.

Uncle Mohamad Ong Abdullah is one of them. Originally a Johorian born in 1949, his ID validates him as a Muslim. He was kind enough to invite us - the Rebanists who went to do a Photojournalism Workshop in Pulau Ketam recently - to his house and insisted us to take some shots of himself wearing a "kopiah".

Ironically, the actual practicing of the religion is not evident - the common case with most of the converts. Questionably, there would be a prayer altar in many (if not all) of the houses of these converts.

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