Saturday, September 13, 2008

My shot....published in Germany ~ The Torque

My first shot published abroad...
- A Protestant movement on human rights issue recent publication

The original shot in my flickr:
Fuel Price Hike Protest - Congregation of 1Million Malaysians
~ To the citizens of Malaysia, age & gender are not of concern when it comes to the price hike & current political issues - everybody is affected.
The grand finale of the price hike protest series is a gathering of supposedly 1 million Malaysians to show their disagreement on the price increment.
~Khairil F. Jamian/ MY

.....thank you Bro Shamshahrin, Rahman Roslan, Ian Ahmad & CHAPS for your support & sharing of invaluable knowledge.....finally in Germany, another target achieved!!!



9 said...

wow, congrats torque!!!

ian ahmad said...

nasi lemak burung puyuh nasi tambah, air milo ais dan Marlboro Light 14's.. ok la.