Thursday, April 10, 2008

ChAPs First Exhibition - Invitation for Hari Skrin UiTM Puncak Perdana

Chap Ayam received an invitation from Fakulti Teknologi Kreatif & Artistik , Kampus Puncak Perdana, to do a mini exhibition for their "Hari Skrin" yesterday. We have less than 10 days to prepare so only selected members were called to prepare for the invitation and they managed to stage a decent exhibition...and bring the "Chap Ayam Photographers" name up a notch. Thank you to all and for the members those who did not make it, no worries, ChAPs will have another exhibition (and more insyaAllah) - so, check your mail frequently lah OK!

Here's some short write-up for the exhibition yesterday:
Members Involved:
-Rahman Roslan: Myanmar Refugee
-Ted Adnan Asmadi: Commercial works
- Jidin: Forgotten Faces
- Zayd: Thaipusam
- Ian Ahad: Klang, Di Sebalik Wajah
- Shamshahrin: Bajau Laut & some features
- Torque: The Streets of Malaysia

With less than 10 days to prepare, we worked closely around the clock and started selecting the photos and print them individually on A3 size art paper. Ian & Torque went shopping for the frames and cut a long & tiring story short - everything was done and completed, ready in Ian's car to be sent to the location by 3am, the morning of the exhibition. By 1030am on the 9 April, everything single piece was on display.
The crowd came in a steady flow - surprisingly the first batch were the lecturers, professors of the faculty (Yeah...we felt like as if we were submitting our final group assignment for final semester!). They were impressed and actually did ask for prices of some of the works....and look forward to the next exhibition ChAPs is going to stage. Students of the faculty were interested with the works on display and we had good conversations and interactions with some of them.
We thought we'd call it a day at 5pm but the organizer asked us to stay on and join the VIP for award giving ceremony & dinner, after which we had to pack all the stuff in and finally call it a day. In short, it was an interesting experience - for the first timers! - and to have our works displayed together with the best in Malaysia/ a massive reward already. Alhamdulillah.
Though we had to sacrifice hours (which may count up to days!) of sleep, it was worth it....KUDOS ChAPs!

Some photos:

~Ian's (now with a new title: Inchik Labah-labah) with Kacuks,
in a discussion at Ian's "sarang labah2" story behind the new title meh!)

Music is always in the air....
one of the many performers for the event -

~The dude next to Ted can really dance, power siut!
(Ted showing his shots while Zayd & Ian the Labah2 fills the background)
~ Syai & partner
- ChAPs member who's company is one of the sponsor for the event

Thank you to the committee members/ crew of the Hari Skrin 2008 Fakulti Teknologi Kreatif & Artistik UiTM Kampus Puncak Perdana, the lecturers, faculty members, students and everybody who has made possible this first exhibition by ChAPs, an event to be remembered. Thank you all!

One of the common questions asked by the professors & students - "Why Chap Ayam?"



fmuham said...

congrate to all ayamers utk 1st exhibition ni!! 19hb insyAllah mesti pergi... ;)

ian ahmad said...

huh!labah-labah?...FYI, labah-labah of the day is also known as "babe magnet" ..uiyeay!

Bazuki said...

WELL DONE chappers. Very much look forward to it.

Nona Cici said...

saya sbg wakil organizer hari skrin 2008, would like to thank Chaps for joining us or should i thanks krn kesudian menerima invitation kami yg masih 'bdk2 baru belajar'..?..hikhik..u guys are superb and really hope we could work together lagi in d future,insyaAllah..will find something untuk menyelitkan chaps in any exhibition akan dtg..thanks again!..take care guys..

iZZman said...

guys,thanks for coming that day.