Monday, April 28, 2008

Mee Mee Tailor - by Damak Digital

Mr Lau is 76 years old. At this age, his eye sight is worsening thus he couldn’t do much sewing.

He came from Tanjung Malim, Perak and started his journey in tailoring business in Sekinchan as an apprentice at a small tailor shop.

At the age of 30, he migrated to Batu 9, Hulu Langat and started his own tailor shop and he’s been running the show ever since.
He commences business at 7 am and close at 4pm depending on his health. Nowadays, an income of RM250-350 in a month is something to celebrate.

Comes 2009, this whole stretch of old shop houses will be demolished in order to cater for the widening of a nearby road, which currently cannot support the flow of the increasing traffic.

Sadly, when the time arrives for the government to take over this property, Mr Lau has nothing in plan. Simply because he is just too tired to continue his business and furthermore, none of his children are interested to inherit the legacy which he has painstakingly crafted.


The Torque said...

Such an interesting story Bro Damak!

damak said...

thanxs. dekat 2 jam aku interview dia dan pujuk dia nak amik gambar...

alongz/kroch said...

salams :)

great write up bro Damak. :) Love the use of lighting, exposure are spot on :) definitely a coffee book material :)



damak said...

thanxs bro:) glad u like the set.