Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pekeliling Flats - The End Of A Beginning by Masri

Without further a do I present to you all my pictures.
Eventhough not as great as the others, i' ll hope this will be my jump start in PJ for a newbie like me.
Special thanks to Mr. Torque, Mr Ian Ahmad, Mr Jidin, Mr Kamarul and Mr. Shahroll for their hardwork in helping and teaching and conducting this outing for Photojournalism fans.


Imagemaker said...

First shot is awesome...... `burn' sket sofa tu... This shot is what I have in mind.... thanks Masri.

kimy said...

fuyoo, 1st pic tu nampak berhantu jek.

Anonymous said...

this series is awesome too... which block was that? i was in one of the blocks and didn't see the burnts sofas.

A A D said...

woahh been wanting to shoot here as well but it's kinda creepy. how safe is it? i mean, who knows when u might bump into sum drug addicts or sumtin' rite...?

nicely captured btw.. .