Monday, November 17, 2008

Pekeliling Flats - The End of a Beginning / JiDiN

Thanks Torque for very food intro about project " Pekeliling Flats The End Of a Beginning ". My theme for this project called "Used + Abused". It's about Pekeliling Flats thats have been used for long time but than leave abandoned and been abused.Inside of Pekeliling Flats have lot of furniture,cloths,matress and many more other things abandoned . The emptiness and abandoned flats welcomed others and abused the place.Lots of thanks to Torque, Masri, Ian Ahmad,kamarul and Sharoll to make this project happen, see again in another project..... insyallah.

View of Pekeliling Flat from broken window
~Khairudin Mohd Thani/CHAPS, Malaysia

Used matress abandoned at Pekeliling Flat.
~Khairudin Mohd Thani/CHAPS, Malaysia

Bedroom used to be heaven for sleeping become scary room after abandoned by owner of Pekeliling Flat.
~Khairudin Mohd Thani/CHAPS, Malaysia

Living hall room full of water and used to be very good place for mosquito growth.
~Khairudin Mohd Thani/CHAPS, Malaysia

Used brush abandoned at kitchen wall.This brush normally used for cleaning bottle.
~Khairudin Mohd Thani/CHAPS, Malaysia

Used needle been used by drug abused at Pekeliling Flat with shaver blade and little blood inside the bowl.Now Pekeliling Flat become favourite place for drug abused to hide and stay.
~Khairudin Mohd Thani/CHAPS, Malaysia


Anonymous said...

saw your pekeliling flat photos and love it.
which block was that?

i went to one of the blocks last june and i didn't managed to see so many things as yours.

JiDiN said...

i,ve been almost all block....need to re check again my data to make sure which block....thanks for comments