Monday, December 31, 2007

Conflictingly Harmonious

Although well-known as a model for a developing Muslim Country, Malaysia allows the followers of other religious beliefs to freely practice their religion. Even though there may be conflicts to the teachings of Islam, the "conflicts" are widely accepted as the way of life in Malaysia.

Harmoniously in conflict...or conflictingly harmonious.

Photobucket This photo is a sample of the title, a Muslim lady in the middle of the crowd waiting patiently for the official launch of the Anya Hindmarch Boutique in 2007. She is the only one clad in jilbab (proper head gear covering the "aurah" of a Muslim woman).....

.....another scene, two Muslims having a chat while a few feet away beers are being consumed openly in public.

Alcoholic drinks are not allowed to be consumed by Muslims but may not be the case for other religions in Malaysia.

The sense of tolerance and great desire to live in harmony may the the underlying factor that makes this scene a norm in this country.....we have made through 2007, since 1957......and we sure hope 2008 will be better than, as Muslims, we'll say - insyaAllah!

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