Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mess in searching...

& Assalamualaikum every one, Ayamers should i call? any declare ration? =P

Thousand of thanks to people who do give me support in joining this team.
yeah chap ayam. play slr only in my photography club during skool. i've started my interest photgraphy just using a Ben-Q. the "kamera kotak" where i still kids (no money maa) and after years dreaming to own slr, i manage to have one. so far, i shoot with any type of toys as long i can operate it manually and out of rules in auto mode.

still moving forward to improve more skills and educate my self through this field. hope i can know others ayamers also. Posting and comment are welcomed from other senior and seniorita for my captured.

Thanks guys.


The Torque said...

Welcome 9!!
Kita blajar sama2 & improve sama2!

Grom Airiss said...

That's a hairy looking monkey.
Good expression...pandai kau ajar dia posing ek...:D

9 said...

thanks torque,

yup grom, ada la kene cakar gigit tgn aku nak ajar dia posing tu. kebas gak la tgn lepas kene tu. its hapen during H5N1 season. huhuh

alhamdulillah hidup lagi aku, pheww...

Kamataro said...

Salams nine and the Ayamers..
I like the Selamber Mimik of your friend here. Very funny with his mohican hairstyle, lepas ni nak tanya kat mana saloon dia pergi tu. Aku paling suka elemen color mata dia..Great capture nine!

alongz/kroch said...

salams encik nine. :D

wahhh, tajam betul bebulu encik monyet ni..hehe :D Posing maut..heheh :D Huishh H5N1 tuh merbahaya~! Kalau kena mmg kena siap2 tulis wasiat.. hehe :D

nadio said...

comel kan monkey ni