Friday, December 14, 2007

in response to 9's posting

Impossible is Nothing, originally uploaded by nadi0.

i love the pic 9 posted! so sharp and the colors in the background made it look like the monkeys were in a middle of a party. haha..

and i love them silverleaf monkeys. they're so tame and polite! very hard to photograph due to their dark faces, so in this one, i fired my flash a teeny bit to render the sky blue with its face adequately exposed.

this was a shot i took way back in May, when the weather was mostly beautiful. recent visit a week ago didn't result in very interesting shots. boohoo..

ok la..orang letak gambar monyet..aku nak letak gambar monyet gak. sebok tak. hahaha

have a great weekend!
-over and out-


Kamataro said...

fulamak..machonye..kalau letak gambar minyak wangi belah kanan tu, boleh buat iklan dah ni..posing maut punya brader ni ye.

Grom Airiss said...

Wonderful monkey portrait.
Excellent use of flash Nad coz you can't see the flash effect. I originally thought it was all available light

9 said...

thanks nadi0,
it take a super duper patient to photograph my friend here. hehehe. but i agree on ur "sometime it didnt result any interesting shoot"