Monday, December 31, 2007

The Wedding Potraiture by Ian Ahmad

A Malay couple been potrait in their wedding day at Banchang, Melaka. This shots was taken using only my kit lens and a cap ayam flash trigger. Chap Ayam pun boleh maaa buat ini macam punya effect, the most important thing is we have to get more creative and use what ever you have to develop our own skills and technique.


Imagemaker said...

Wow Salute!!!.... Hidup chap ayam!

Imagemaker said...

Apsal tukar gambar??.. Anyway,.. ni pun cun gak!!.. sheesh!!

ian ahmad said...

Abg Sham, actually the caption is for this photo la..hahaha, a bit ting tong sikit today, sorry for any inconvinence.<-- betul ke aku eja ni..duh!