Monday, January 7, 2008

10 days old!! (in response to Imagemaker's post)

Salams and hello to all Ayamers!

First of all, I would like to sincerely say "MUCHOS GRACIAS AMIGOS!" to Imagemaker and the few others behind the scene who has managed to "fly" this idea...despite our busy schedule as professionals in our own field (many of which has got nothing to do with photography at all!) our drive and passion to create better images made us push ourselves to launch this "sempoi" platform.

Though the name may sound "cikai" and "lawak", Chap Ayam is nothing close to those words....we have a vision to achieve...and it is based on the ambitions of the core team (for now).

We need members who can contribute back to others (fellow members and the community at large) - we do not want those WIIFM type of members - we want unselfish, able to work together as a team, cool, "sempoi", with the right attitude, committed and "ringan tulang" kind of members!
Details will be e-mailed to you soon insyaAllah...but for now, you can start thinking of what you can contribute to ChAPs and the community!

Yes, I know, the t-shirt is just too cool and everybody would love to have a piece of thier own....but please remember, what we have in mind is more than just parading around in the Chap Ayam is about proper branding - the presence of the brand, the promise of the brand, experience and essence of the brand....Chap Ayam pun BOLEH maaa!

So, hang in here a while longer, the core team are trying best to finalize the items mentioned by Imagemaker.

~the torque
(sleepless in kajang!)


Grom Airiss said...


Thanks for all your effort so far bro. Highly appreciated!

Please do let me know if there is any way that I can help you & the core members.

Aku still tgh gersang seni, so no photo contributions yet. Heheh.

alongz/kroch said...

Grom: Bro, jum menembak this weekend..hehe :) delayed gratification pun delayed gratification la..hehe :)

Torque: Thank You Bro~! :), Chaps pun buley maa~!!! :) heheh :D said...

Great effort Bros...where the tool that God give to us still the great gear to capture what God created around us...."THE PHOTOGRAPHER EYES"