Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Reban Kecik

Hi ayamers,
I had created a Flickr site for best photos posted here . I will create a set in the flickr namely Our Best 20 Photos where best 20 photos will stay in the set and the rest, after we reach the limit of 200 photos( this is free flickr account) will be deleted.
Keep sending your best shot to us...the Ketua Reban will judge your photos and post it here .. then we will post the same photos to the flickr :

REBAN KECIK <<---click here

This is a way for us to measure our readiness towards the big event ... REBAN the actual REBAN

thanx and good luck!!

/poji aka namerumonka
p/s:orang utara panggil LAU ayam jer...

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