Sunday, January 6, 2008

10th day of ChAPs

Salam to all Ayamers,

Today is our 10th day of photoblogging. We never thought that we will get so many requests to be Ayamers!

KamalSell, a regular at
FotoWarung wrote `aku sangat suka ideologi chap ayam photogrpahers ni! aku pun nak join lah.' and he's not the only one....

Since we are at the very early stage, please give us some time. We are try our best to come up with something for you guys!
...and Torque, our towkay of ChAPs will let you know on how to be a Ayamer!!

We are at the verge of finalizing our calendar for 2008... stay tuned!..

Thank you for your support.



Grom Airiss said...

Thanks for all your effort so far.

I find it very intriguing that photographers are attracted to this group. I guess the group does fill some 'gap' that people are missing, or yearning for.

Let's keep the group simple (sempoi!) and meaningful.

9 said...

so than,
its mean im not the only one who feeling its getting hotter inside the reban here lah. since more picture is being posted day by day.

if the reban need anything, just kokok towards. resam ayam 'Kokok sekali, lain menyahut'.

SeMpoI & PrO is CoOL~