Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thaipusam by LastSham

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Petang semalam aku off so boring la and then aku call bro sham nie tanya pasal thaipusam ni, bila aku dah dapat sedikit info pasal thaipusam ni, ptg semalam aku gerak p batu caves buat gambar, just warming up bro ni persembahan terbaru dari aku....just select mana yg ok.

I have to salute you for your effort. I normally do my warming up 2 days prior to the main event, but you did it minutes after you spoken to me. For those of you newbies/hobbyist, what LastSham did is a true example of how the pros work.. especially when doing documentary. To shoot takes minutes, but the groundwork to get the best photo, had to be done days before. So folks, prepare youselves, join in...

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