Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Layar Tanchap Shah Alam" by Ian Ahmad

This shot was taken during Layar Tanchap in Shah Alam last week. Layar Tanchap is actually a platform for any independent artist to stage their work of art, music and everything about art. Originally from Indonesia, Layar Tanchap now can be enjoyed here in Shah Alam.

I am one of the photographers who took part in projection slide show that night


Imagemaker said...

Last pix.. NG Daily Dozen.. Congrats!

Dashuki Mohd. said...

Congrats ... I saw that one on NG daily dozen too !

ian ahmad said...

ha...1stly thanks to Abg Syam for the highlight, this is actually "re-composed" by me when i saw the same composition like Abg Syam did before but with a different angle and composition. then i show this to Abg Sham, and he said why not i give a try for NG Daily Dozens..hehehe, and the rest is history, Abg Syam, please la show your shot that i "tiru"

Dashuki, TQVM. Me myself love your work actually and hoping that someday we will shooting together.

Dashuki Mohd. said...

Thanks for the compliment Ian.
Yup.. maybe one day we can do that :-)

giding said...

nice pics ian ahmad....keep good work