Monday, January 14, 2008

Arab Lady by Atiqahidayu Majid

Atiqah's Original Post

Imagemaker's Cropping

Bazuki's Cropping

Atiqah said `I've came along to this blog from fidfathir's acknowledgment. he said that chap ayam is a good platform for me to improve my foto. *Minta tunjuk ajar* :)
i have not got much good fotos for now but i will work hard to produce more! so, allow to be in the "reban" plss =)

this foto of an arab lady was shot at genting highlands theme park, waiting in q..
photojournalism is very new to me. the experience is too enthusiasm, if i could closely describe it..'

Welcome Atiqah. I was about to delete this photo while screening through so many submissions from so many photographers. In my opinion, I think this photo is nice due to the eye contact. The eyes saved this photo from being rejected by me. Unfortunately, I don't quite agree with your cropping. I find the left part ( the back of the head of a girl and the space in between) is a bit distracting. Since I really like the Arab lady's eyes, I decided to crop it vertically. Imagemaker

Bazuki said `i think it shd be shot this way ..... take out yr long lens, frame it, and shoot ...'


Imagemaker said...

Thanks for your input Bazuki!.. I was thinking of the similar cropping, but it was too small.

I cut it by half, you cut 3/4 of it.. my god!!

hope she's OK with this.. us chopping here and there!..

atiqahidayu said...

thanks all. dont worry. i'm cool with the croppings. namanya belajar kannnn =) i will improve more!

Bazuki said...

actually my message was "SHOOT it that way", not not "crop it that way".

poji said...

atiqah utk input belajar sila ke
kat sini cuma hantar gambar utk di rate oleh Chapayam...kalau lulus gambar anda akan di upload pada blog