Friday, January 18, 2008

Red in the rain by AnanAmri

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I really inspired by those otai ayam studio shots. I also want to do it but i dont have those studio equipment. Money is an issue for me for the time being so i cant afford to go to their workshop. Renting a studio also i have to be calculative. So i decided to try an experimental self-potrait - chaps approach, which require some idea, some luck and of course my chap ayam tools. a camera, a kit lens, a remote flash and a chap ayam tripod. I dont have a backdrop so how to make the background pitch black?i dont have a lightmeter and if I have one maybe i can do it even in the noon. but only if i know how to use it la. Studio? have to save my RM. So I do it during midnight, at my yard, praying for some luck, wearing a red tshirt....and a boxer!

You manage to create these shot with those Chap Ayam tools. I think this photo deserve to be published here.. Chap Ayam pun boleh maa...!!


Bazuki said...

well done anan, it works .....

Grom Airiss said...

Less gear, more brain, better light!

Cool photo. Very creative bro

Anan Amri Adanan said...

wuu wuu T_T

terima kaseh atas kata² peransang kalian

ian ahmad said...
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