Friday, January 4, 2008

Sun ray, smoke and darkness in harmony by The Torque

Sunray and smoke
A man walks pass a golden citizen's satay stall and the golden sun ray
as he enters the maze of Chow Kit bazaar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

One of the thing that I learn over the years is sometimes even professionals have conflicting views & preferences over a piece of effort. As an amateur newbie in this particular area I educated myself to listen and accept all views and input. They are the professionals and their feedbacks are precious for amateurs like me to improve and fuel the direction of my future.
As a trained professional (in the field work I am in) I disciplined myself to evaluate and analyze every given views and comments, then deduce my own conclusion. I am the master of my artwork and it is up to me to be myself and yet be able to produce something worthy to be commented by those who care to lend their eyes to my works.

Whatever it is, in the end, when I am not around it is rewarding enough if somebody look at the pieces of photos that I may have left in this world and say - "Hey! That's style of composition is Torque's".

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