Thursday, January 3, 2008

Reflection by AnanAmri

Thanks bro SS for introducing me chaps blog.

This photo was taken on the second day of the 5th Series of Program Latihan Khidmat Negara at White Resort Camp, Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang. This is the first day they been introduce to march by the instructors and haven't been issued their uniform yet. Heavy rain on previous night give me the opportunity to use the lopak air on the parade square to frame the trainees on training together with their reflection.


Bazuki said...

very nice ....

Anan Amri Adanan said...

wee~~ thank you!

poji said...

ni yang menang RM50 star best pic ?

Anan Amri Adanan said...

mari bincang apa yg ada pd gambar ni? sekadar reflection? atau ini je la yg paling ok utk thumbnail hari tu? sungguh ku ingin belajar dan tahu. niat asal hanya nak capture sekali dgn reflection. itu je.

The Torque said...

Congratulations Anan! worries, hantar je lagi!
I hv been sending shots too, consciously based on "safety theme" but although all were published I never got the palce for Rm50 but it is just rewarding to see the photo being published.
If you ask me, my personal view (base on my observations on all other photos published during my time of submissions)- I will not take it seriously if I do not get the Rm50 because there is no specific theme and topic - so whoever has "the best presentation" for that period of entry will get it.
What really matters to me is to "think" before shooting and presening shot - have a message/ story to tell - and whether people want to pay or not for that message is another criteria.
In your case, you have managed to tell a story and get paid for it! So, be happy about it and move along to the next level!

Your Average Mat said...

very nice reflection. One of the best i have ever seen.