Sunday, January 6, 2008

"Anti-I.S.A. vigil" by The Torque

It has been roughly one week or so of "gersang seni" for me...and on the rainy afternoon of Saturday this weekend I had an "assignment" - my first demonstrator's shoot....

These are some of the shots I managed to do....first time turun padang for this kind of "assignment".....

Anti-I.S.A. vigil
~ A complete representation of the 3 main races in Malaysia - Malay, Chinese & Indian - singing a theme with the demonstrators who participate in the anti-I.S.A. vigil.

Anti-I.S.A. vigil
~ The "behind the bar" guy, an infamous subject of the vigil.

Anti-I.S.A. vigil~ Anti-I.S.A vigil leader dispersing the demonstrators. Upon receiving notification from the police. Although application to do the vigil was submitted it was not approved by the police.
Anti-I.S.A. vigil

Anti-I.S.A. vigil
~ A Hindraf demonstrator during the vigil - with her minute effort to calm the FRU from forcing the crowd to disperse.

Anti-I.S.A. vigil
~ The infamous "behind the bar" guy playing his part during the Anti-I.S.A. vigil.

Federal Reserved Unit (FRU) on guard
~ The FRU dispersing the mobs of the anti-I.S.A. vigil

Anti-I.S.A. vigil~ A Bar Council Member trying to convince a small group of rather intense mobsters to disperse and go home since the police has warned them on the use of FRU force if they do not cooperate.

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