Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ayamer's New Addition

Our New VIP Ayamer... Bazuki of FotoWarung.
(L-R) Torque, founder of ChAPs (seated), Imagemaker of EPA, Bazuki of Reuters and Badris of AFP.
A drink after covering the HINDRAF/Anti ISA candlelit vigil in KL 05 Jan 2008.


Anonymous said...

wah... hebat..hebat..

MJO said...

boleh dapat free kot..

The Torque said...

Nice to have many on board this team..but MJO, nothing comes free....although the name is Chap Ayam, we are very strict when it comes to quality of the members on board!
The currently available t-shirt are very limited...only selected premier members are allowed to have it!
...but more to, hang around!

Grom Airiss said...

Bazuki pun CHAPS jugak?